Do 18.7.19

Conditional/FLUF/SM-LL label events

ACUD CLUB 20h → Club Night & Concert

Experimental labels SM-LL, Fluf and Conditional working together to put on 3 events across London, Copenhagen and Berlin.

Extreme/Noise/Computer Music, Electronic, Techno/House, Experimental, Electroacoustic, Hardcore, IDM, club, avant-garde, acid, rave, synthesizer, systemic, rhythm, abstract, Agile, transparency, reference, MVP, EDM, process, format, technology, modular, dubtechno, DIY, analog computer, sub frequencies, ravegunn, iconic, duplication, replication, innovation, anarchy, repetition, the best thing, Berlin, Copenhagen, London...


Andrea Taeggi [Opal Tapes, Type, SM-LL]
Nancy Drone [Conditional]
New Tendencies [SM-LL]
tuuun [FLUF]
Typeface [SM-LL]
Calum Gunn [Conditional, SM-LL]


Andrea Taeggi
... works in Berlin as a composer, live performer and electronic music producer. Besides his solo practice — on his own name or under the moniker Gondwana, he is a founding member of electroacoustic project Lumisokea.
His music has been released on vinyl and dubplate on labels Opal Tapes, Type, SM-LL and Präsens Editionen, receiving enthusiastic reviews & write-ups.
His research and interest include the physicality of sound, its tactile quality and implied 3-dimensionality, the gray area between acoustic & electronic sources, the “wholly other”, the disassociative & hypnotic power of repetition, the alchemical dream, the fictionality of recorded audio, its non-referential aspects and the attempt at stretching the cultural borders of (traditional) music instruments.

He has performed at venues & festival such as Cafe OTO, CTM, Mutek, Rewire, LEV, BEAF, Ohm, Mediaspank, IfZ, Roter Salon/Volksbühne, Griessmühle, FAQ a.o. and toured in Europe, the US, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Japan and South Korea.
He has been a regular guest-composer at renowned research institutes such as STEIM Amsterdam, EMS Stockholm and Willem-Twee, where he further developed his investigation in analog synthesis, extended techniques, reel-to-reel tape treatments, recording techniques and composition.

Nancy Drone
... is Molly Gunn, an electronic musician based in Berlin recording and performing under the moniker Nancy Drone. Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she's constructed an aural fantasy of swirling ambience, arachnid techno mutations and shards of percussive mayhem. Through collapsing structures and textural explorations, an amorphous bond between emotion and chaos is born.

New Tendencies
... is the ongoing solo project of interdisciplinary artist and research, Matt Nish-Lapidus (Toronto, Canada). The project, named after the 1960’s Croatian experimental art movement, shares a similar ethos - “art as research.” New Tendencies focuses on live improvisation and experimentation, exploring rhythms and abstract tonality through synthesis, dsp, found sounds, field recording, and both electronic and acoustic instruments. Matt’s music draws on influences from no wave, modern composition, techno, and jazz as well as his complimentary practice in sound and installation art.

Calum Gunn
... is a computer musician and live coder operating in Berlin. Also runs Conditional.

tuuun [FLUF]

Typeface [SM-LL]

Admission: 8€


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