Mi 12.6.19

Cashmere Radio & Scenius present: Otis Sandsjö & Brad Henkel

ACUD CLUB 19h → Concert

Cashmere Radio and Scenius present Otis Sandjo & Brad Henkel, an acoustic duo improvisational concert exhibiting the dynamic aesthetic of the saxophone and trumpet and the ambient reverrb of the iconic ACUD backyard.The event will be opened and closed with jazzy sets by Cashmere Radio DJs.


Otis Sandsjö
Brad Henkel
Cashmere Radio DJs


Otis Sandsjö
... is a Berlin-based Swedish saxophonist/composer. In his debut album Y-OTIS he is joining forces with keyboardist Elias Stemeseder, bassist Petter Eldh and drummer Tilo Weber achieving a forward-reaching, multilayered collection of eight originals penned by Sandsjö and produced by Sandsjö and Eldh. What you get is a form of "liquid jazz", born in an era where the understanding of jazz as a musical language has evolved way beyond the concept of the previous "modern"

Brad Henkel
... is an experimental trumpeter/composer/improviser from California living in Berlin.His work integrates composition and improvisation with new and innovative instrumental techniques and performance art. He maintains a busy schedule performing contemporary and improvised music in venues throughout the United States and Europe. In 2011 he co-founded Prom Night Records, an artist run record label based in the United States which, to date, has twenty one releases.

Other projects:
Merry Peers
KIM Collactive

Stefan Lingg
... is the co-presenter of the Radio show “Pattern Dissection” at Cashmere Radio Berlin, dedicated to records that deliver sounds usually meant to be experienced live. Subsequently curating ,organising and presenting concerts of improvised nature in different venues in Berlin. He also co-founded the DJ collective Tomorrow’s Relics.

Alexis Ra
... is the co-presenter of the Cashmere Radio show “Hi Point Low Life” showcasing jazz composition juxtaposed with electronic expression, blended with soundscapes, afro beats, improvised music and spoken word.
Founded the concert series “Scenius” and the “Cashmere Sessions” series hosting Berlin and visiting artists at the Cashmere studios

Admission: 5-8€


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