MO 10.6.19

Film Series B⟷LA CONNECT

Kunsthaus Acud 19h Screening

B-LA CONNECT is a platform to promote the cooperation and interlinking between the two sister cities’ creative communities. Over the next two years a major exhibition and exchange project is scheduled to take place between artist/curator run project spaces and collectives from Berlin and Los Angeles.

Carrick Bell
Don Edler
Emily Esperanza
Laura Heit
J. Makary
Reza Monahan
Christopher Richmond
Kim Schoen
Juliane Zelwies


Part 1
63 min

Carrick Bell | Transclusion Xanacrunch | 10 min
Laura Heit | Rover’s Eye | 3 min
Christopher Richmond | A Stop At Willoughby | 7 min
Reza Monahan | Fogbound Vacuity Brig | 11 min
J. Makary | This Is Where Wool Comes From | 8 min
Emily Esperanza | Make Out Party | 24 min

Part 2
62 min

Kim Schoen | Is It The Opera Or Is It Something Political? | 7 min
Juliane Zelwies | No More Words, No Other Thoughts. About The Rituals Of Speaking. Part II: Common Land, Common Fears | 30 min
Don Edler | The Father The Sun And The Holy Road | 25 min

im Anschluss Q&A mit den Künstlern & Kuratoren
kuratiert von Franz Reimer & Clemens Wilhelm

© Emily Esperanza | Make Out Party

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