Sa 8.6.19

New Syndicate

ACUD CLUB 21h → Club Night

Club night with focus on LIVE AV featuring sets by Isolat Pattern, modular techno by Jessica Kert, and techno/breakcore by Japanese producer Yaporigami. Visuals by Defasten and R0D1AN L1NK. Guests to be announced.


Isolat Pattern [The Collection Artaud]
Jessica Kert [Detroit Underground]
Miquel Dangla
[Mille Plateaux, BRDG Tokyo, Detroit Underground, Stray Landings]


Isolat Pattern
Blitzed out algorithmic grime, AI weaponized rave and uneasy atmospherics. Future music.

Jessica Kert
From a job at the famed Berlin synthesizer haven SchneidersLaden, to her role as one half of modular live act ZV_K, Jessica Kert has found particular joy diving into experimentation with her musical tools. Peering her way through a dense forest of patch cables, Jessica brings us DW, her second solo EP and her first on Detroit Underground. Her vision is raw and dark, but the swampy depths of her music allow just enough light in to let life continue to thrive beneath the surface.

Miquel Dangla
... originally hailing from Barcelona, Miquel Dangla got obsessed with electronic music instruments upon moving to Berlin almost a decade ago. Ever since, he has embraced the unpredictable and open nature of modular synthesizers and explores the boundaries between electro, techno and ambient during his improvised live sets.

... is born from research and the creation of new movements in the earthly. The movements that are transmitted by radiation and particle connections.

Breakcore, techno, glitchcore, noise
Another alias of electronic musician Yu Miyashita. Renowned music videos include SyncBody, The Motion Paradox, Lilium. Commissions includes works for Asif Khan (architecture), Chiharu Shiota (art), Viviano Sue (fashion), MTV International, and new work for Venice Biennale 2019 with film director Jeremiah Mosese.

Bodyless gender-neutral net-born synthetic lifeform interested in all forms of advanced sonic expressions

Patrick’s superaudioreactive realtime 64-bit HDRI 3d geometry @ 60FPS

Admission: 8-10€

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