FR 14.6.19

TRUST label night

Club 22h Club Night

TRUST celebrates two decades of dystopian bass music with friends and artists from the label’s past, present, and future.

Boot up your dimensional gateways to join us for this special intergalactic electro night.


Luxus Varta [brokntoys, Shipwrec, Solar One] Live
His releases on brokntoys, Shipwrec, and The Exaltics’ Solar One label have made Luxus Varta known as one of the most unique sounding electro artists of the moment. On this night he will present his brand-new mini-album on TRUST, "Colder". (which Mixmag calls "god-like electro".)

Epy [Sabotage, Pomelo, generate + test]
Live - opening concert
Legendary ’90s electro collective Epy has two new albums out: electro-focussed "Autoepy", and their wonky trap variations, "Trepy", which they will be improvising upon in a live analogue opening session.

Dan Lodig [Pomelo, Vigram, Yoshi, Tension NYC]
Recording for TRUST since the very beginning and as one half of DL/MS/ [TRUST, Frustrated Funk], Dan Lodig is known as the man behind seminal label Pomelo Records and as an influential Vienna techno trailblazer.

Populist aka DJ Glow [TRUST]
TRUST's main self-programming AI is appearing in its refactored Populist guise, introduced last year on the much acclaimed 'Psychometric Profiling' EP [TRUST33].

Admission: 8-10€


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