Fr 14.6.19

Field Recordings From Tibet – Traditional Tibetan music recorded by Shi Tanding

ACUD STUDIO 20h → Talk

In 2018 Shi Tanding travelled together with the photographer Pantu for many months through remote areas of Tibet to record the diversity and richness of traditional Tibetan music which is still very much alive far away from the urban and administrative centers.

From the pastoral songs of the northern shepherds to the Mumba wizard music in the Linzhi area, from the Chants of the Monks of Sakya Monastery to the Xuan music from Ali, from the Dui Xie, Qiang Xie and Guo Xie dances in Laze to the Aga and Tibetan operas in the south of Shannan, from the rappers of the Gesar epic to shamanic chants, from the salt songs of the Ando Mountains to the mystery of dream teaching - the traditional music mirrors and transcends the beliefs, lifestyles, histories, philosophies and customs of the vast country and its cultures.

Traditional Tibetan Music

Admission: 5€

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