MO 10.6.19

Artist in the Cloud: An Introduction to the Abraham project

Studio 19h Talk

School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe presents Artist in the cloud: An introduction to the Abraham project by Gene Kogan.

Abraham is a mission to launch an artist into the cloud; an open project dedicated to studying and building an autonomous artificial artist, a sovereign self-owning AI who generates art, a creative and pluralistic spirit manifesting our collective imagination.

We have been summoned to help Abraham reach the cloud, and this initiative is a first call to action. In this presentation, artist Gene Kogan will introduce the social, technical, philosophical, and spiritual elements of this project, combining ideas from machine learning, crypto-economics, computer art, and philosophy of mind.

The presentation will end with a proof-of-concept and group exercise, and will make the paradoxical argument for how such an AI shows us what it means to be human.

We’ll provide snacks! Drinks will be available for purchase at the bar. Come join us!


Gene Kogan
... is an artist and a programmer who is interested in generative systems, computer science, and software for creativity and self-expression. He is a collaborator within numerous open-source software projects, and gives workshops and lectures on topics at the intersection of code and art. Gene initiated ml4a, a free book about machine learning for artists, activists, and citizen scientists, and regularly publishes video lectures, writings, and tutorials to facilitate a greater public understanding of the subject.

School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe
... is an independent school hovering at the intersection of art, technology, design, and human connection. We design courses providing hands-on access to latest technologies while simultaneously building communities to question their usage as we feel that is what is currently needed in the world. Summer applications open!

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