Do 13.6.19

Multitude Mixtape I

ACUD CLUB 20h → Club Night & Concert

Flowery inaugural night of a new multi-disciplinary berlin-based concert series.

Multitude Mixtape is a Berlin-based concert series/labour of love. Produced and curated by a small group of dedicated artists (party mice) there are no boundaries to what genres, styles or form MM will take. Every edition will be a unique night as we invite carefully selected artists that all contribute their own flavor to the party . Keep it spicy! At each shindig a different theme will add to the magic and all musical acts are recorded and released on a mixtape.


Sea Change LIVE
Fur Auge Und Ohr LIVE
Frau Braun DJ Set

Company HAA performs "VENTURE V"


Sea Change
Ellen A. W. Sunde’ s alter ego.
... creates a beautiful loop-based sound that contains beats, vocal harmonies and 80s choruses with an own ability of making it magic and mysterious ambience. Still there is a wide range within her music. It can be massive, putting the lower frequencies of the sound system to the test or gentle, almost like the wonderful nature of silence but always immersive.

Odd XX
... is the solo project of Berlin-based composer and producer, Turi Agostino (Australia). Eclectic sonic arrangements, triphop beats, disco melodies all shaped by his work as a professional music producer. Agostino seeks to channel through Odd, the various musical frequencies that oscillate between dark and industrial: tender and melodic.

Fur Auge Und Ohr
... is a collaboration of Visual Artists Bileam Tschepe and the musician Tobias Blessing .
They mix abstract, partly generative live visuals with a hybrid drum performance that uses both acoustic and sample-based elements.

Frau Braun
... London born, Berlin based Frau Braun is a Selector and DJ. Her approach to music is diverse, and draws on influences from her Caribbean roots, the electronic music landscapes of London and Berlin and global club culture.

Company HAA
... is a collaboration of four dance artists from different countries, based in Berlin, Germany. Having found each other and worked together for several years through Collective ONE:THIRD, we share an interest in combining different forms of art into a work that reflects humanity and communicates in a transparent manner. Coming from different backgrounds, our meeting point lies in improvisation and instant composition, in which we cultivate our individual qualities, complex physicality and performative elements. In the desire of opening up our vocabulary, involving new media and other artists, we decided to form Company HAA, a platform for any dance related art. Our work intends to challenge the traditional idea of a performative space. Each of us is continuously developing the research in their personal ways and by coming together we complement each other in a unique manner.

Admission: 5-8€



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