DO 27.6.19

Slagwerk: Baby Blue, ssaliva, Terrorriba, Otis

Club 22h Club Night

Slagwerk collective is heading to Berlin for the first time as a sequence for ssaliva’s Unshielded tour with a special guest from Canada.


BabyBlue [CA- s.M.i.L.e.]
ssaliva [BE - Ekster, Slagwerk]
Terrorriba [BE - Slagwerk]
Otis [BE- Slagwerk]


Baby Blue
... is a Vancouver-based producer and DJ best known for her glacial and euphoric trance-edits, and a notorious remix of Madonna’s “Music”, a figure with whom she shares an erudite, it-girl sensibility. She is a co-founder of the collective s.M.i.L.e. Her debut album Death of Euphoria will be released via Ascetic House this summer.

"Unshielded" is the latest work of Belgian producer ssaliva. The EP, which marked the birth of Slagwerk as a label was released March 15th, in both digital and physical forms. The printed usb-card, designed by Pietro Agostoni comes with a HD videoclip from Sybil Montet as well as two exclusive bonus tracks.

... is a collective primarily focussing on contemporary experimental music. Their aesthetic ranges from metamodern internetculture to endeavours into spiritual ambiences contaminated with strikingly metallic club environments.

Admission: 8€

Artwork by Miel Audenaert


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