SA 25.5.19

Occulto Programme at Fracto - Clubnight

Club 23h Club Night

A special Occulto Night in collaboration with Fracto and ACUD MACHT NEU. Ongon is a recently started solo project by the multi instrumentalist Antonio Bertoni, where ancestral sonorities meet electronica, trance, jazz and psychedelia. He will present the first release as Ongon, "Exuvia", for the first time ever in Berlin. Unprofessional produces sound between experimentation and hardcore techno, she recently released an EP on Forbidden planets, and a mixtape of hers has been featured in Alienata's radio show.

The Occulto Nights bring good independent music in Berlin since 2011, with a focus on experimentation, cross-genre projects, rare performances and new material.


Ongon [Live set – Berlin premiere]
Unprofessional [DJ set]


As part of this year’s edition of Fracto, Occulto’s editor Alice Cannavà curates three side events that cover her three main areas of interest and action: interdisciplinary research between science, humanities and art, independent publishing, and experimental music.

Admission: 6€

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