Mi 22.5.19

ACUD MACHT SOMMER Backyard Grand Opening

ACUD BACKYARD 19h → Concert & Club Night

Diesen Sommer feiern wir 5 Jahre ACUD MACHT NEU! Im Hinterhof des Kunsthauses und ehemalige Molkerei wird es immer mittwochs den Backyard Summer mit einem vielseitigen Programm geben. Gemeinsam mit ehemaligen Partnern und Freunden des Hauses haben wir einiges für euch vorbereitet. Neben Aperitivo, gibt es Konzerte, Performances, Talks und vieles mehr.


This summer we celebrate 5 years of ACUD MACHT NEU in the backyard of the cultural center and former milkhouse. Every wednesday evening together with former partners and friends of the house we have prepared an eclectic program throughout the summer witb concerts, performances, talks, drinks and aperitivo by Feinkost Minutillo.

For our Grand Opening evening on May 22nd, regular friends of the house will take over the backyard! We are more than happy to have the pop-tinged, sensual and hybrid R’n’B of DENA on that night. The Bulgarian-born singer, songwriter and producer released her new album "If it's written" last year and will delight us with a mesmerizing LIVE. You can also catch some bedroom-recorded R&B with shimmering electronic textures as Marshall Vincent will also play LIVE.


Marshall Vincent Live
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... Bulgarian-born singer, songwriter and producer DENA has been working on her signature sound, a unique mix of handmade pop, piano compositions, polyphonic harmonies and personal lyrics, combined with self-programmed electronic beats.

Marshall Vincent
... is an R&B pop singer, songwriter, and composer based in Berlin. His music aims to capture and explore concepts of love, happiness, grief, depression, and melancholy. Marshall Vincent’s upcoming self-titled project is based on his reflections upon addiction and mental disorder, and how those reflect on the intersectionality of self-care and self-destruction.

aka Taishi Nagasaka, is a Berlin based Japanese musician. He has been through world music, experimental music, rock. His projects include Cozmik Onion Express and Jaguar No Me and he has collaborated/played with Fat White Family, John Cale, Iggor Cavalera (sepultura), Bo Ningen, Flamingods, Group A, Camera, Sclupture, Hibiki Ichikawa (as Iwazu Mo Gana) and others.

Admission: 5€

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