FR 24.5.19

We Belong To Music: Femme Martini

Studio 22h Club Night & Concert

From that far away world of music that has no borders or differences we arrive to Berlin.

We have in us a lot of ORIENTAL MAGIC
we have in us a lot of WESTERN BEAUTY
and a lots and lots of LOVE

Feel very invited to join We Belong To Music for their first annual 2019 #WBTM Party.


Dj Hilwi
Marie Rassis Solo concert
Rania in Musicland
Dj Shamsa


We Belong to Music
... is a non-profit platform that aims to offer workshops & Jam sessions and music events as a (circle to exchange knowledge, skills) in Berlin. WBTM was born in the international space of Baynatna ( the Arabic library in Berlin ) as a wish to exchange experiences by proposing collective artistic activities. Taking a place in a variable locations of the city as well in the library itself, the workshops give ones the opportunity to share with the audience their musical and other artistic skills, while the jam sessions, as the same implies, are musical meetings everyone can take part in and participate in the common creation of a musical theory.

Admission: 10€


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