FR 31.5.19

Éclat Crew Presents: DJs & Live Acts all night long

Club 20h Club Night

Éclat Crew is a Berlin-based Electronic Music Collective aiming to support, promote, and inspire the practice and output of female*, trans and non-binary artists through collaboration and cooperation. Éclat Crew Presents is our first public celebration of our Éclat members’ talent, including DJs, live performers and a listening party of tracks made exclusively by Éclat Crew producers at our workshops. Come down for an eclectic mix of music, from minimalist show-tunes to House bangers!


VakuM [DJ Set]
Terri Lee [DJ Set]
Ducks! [LIVE]
Tatiana Heuman [LIVE]
Ignatz Höch [LIVE]


... started out with heavy techno, recently merging into softer sounds. This makes for a mix on the borders between house and techno always paired with a touch of uplifting old school vibes.

Terri Lee
... is a DJ and producer, and prior to relocating to Berlin was heavily involved in dance music in San Diego, California—DJing, writing about electronic music, and supporting the community.

Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan are Ducks!. Together, they make electronic music for dancing and dreaming, influenced by Disney and disco, combining synthesiser and vocal loops with found sounds recorded on ancient cassette players.

Tatiana Heuman
... her musical career began playing trumpet and drums with the free improvisation band Ricarda Cometa. Her unique approach to musical production was founded essentially in a free, intuitive and experimental self-made territory where genres and tags are fluid and in permanent mutation.

Ignatz Höch
... writes and performs minimalist showtunes.

Admission: 6 - 8€

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