DO 9.5 — FR 10.5.19

Pictoplasma After-Hour

Kunsthaus Acud 21h Club Night & Festival

Characters in Every Corner: the annual Pictoplasma Festival is back in all rooms of ACUD. In the Club, the night starts with a surprise performance, followed by classic Karaoke. The Studio hosts the revival of legendary Ping Pong Country, the Theater catapults you to another dimension with the VR Mosh Pit Simulator and the Kino revisits the Best of Characters in Motion 2018.


Ping Pong Country
Get dizzy in a playful match of ping pong rotation, with the most eclectic mix of country music.

Sos Sososwski
... self declared mad scientist of video games, is the creator of Thelemite, McPixel and many other games you might have never heard about. The former school teacher turned hopelessly addicted to game jams and is currently on a quest to create the "worst" video game ever: Mosh Pit Simulator — a VR experience about a world that is overrun by brainless, boneless, nippleless humanoids, that desperately try to continue as usual (go shopping, on dates, drive cars). It's up to you, the player, to show empathy—or get in their way.

Mosh Pit Simulator will feature 1 square km of interactive city to explore (and destroy) and is scheduled to release as Early Access any moment now.

Mr. Manic
Monster Ronson / KJ Fenek

Admission: 5€

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