Do 30.5.19

Fuck Me Tender

ACUD STUDIO 19h → Talk

Testosterone running through your veins.
Another day another Grindr date.
Got XX? Yes.
He comes by and cums.
I moan:
Berlin, fuck me tender once?

Fuck Me Tender is an art night exploring the art and act of fucking tenderly in times of immediate access to lovers and fucks, in a scene - the queer scene in Berlin - where sex is available at all times and no efforts.


The art night features tender fucking by:

Danielle Nebula
... an afrofuturist femme daddy who makes intergalactic digital portraits,

Sarah Berger
... likes to be blocked on Facebook for nude art with a focus on queer-feminist and gender questioning themes. As a writer, photographer and performer she explores the aesthetics of sex in ever-changing spaces.

Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell
... experimental performances and films which probe masculinity, queerness, and privilege through intimate encounters between their bodies, cash, and dairy products.

... a club kid, drag performer from Beirut, Lebanon. Cupcake majored in Theater and Stage Acting. Additionally, they have always been interested in dance. Therefore, their art is a twist of drag that combines between the dramatics of classical plays and a touch of pop culture.

Siemon Leon
... externalises his own insecurities and vulnerabilities by using overly archaic masculine forms, combining these with sex, darkness and the emotions that the archaic art lacked.

Gen Eickers
... a trans fag they who makes mostly philosophy & sometimes art that explores the possibility of bodies and gender.

Sandra Sordini
... a visual communicator working at the intersections of design, art and activism; recent work rotates around gender, sexuality and feminist utopias.

S Rodriguez

Admission: suggested donation 3€