FR 3.5.19

Good Intentions

Club 22h Club Night

Shutdown Family are teaming up with friends to casually put together this solid line up. Chico Sonido, who has produced for names like Ms Nina and Tomasa del Real is coming from LA, as well as Ike from NTS LA’s Sleeper Cell show. The rest are names known in the Berlin scene, due to their deserved frequent appearances here.


Chico Sonido [DJ]
Bod [DJ]
Goro [DJ]
FlökosH [DJ]
Hunni’d Jaws [DJ]
Ike [DJ]
FluffLord [VJ]
Le Feu [DJ]


Chici-o Sonido
...exploding on the NEOPERREO scene, producing for Latina bosses like Ms. Nina, Tomasa del Real and La Goony Chonga, CHICO is making his debut performance in Germany on his Europe tour bringing you perreo flavours from the source.

BOD provocateur mobbing your sound system with haunted ghosts. Released on Yegorka, Danse Noire, Quantum Natives, and more. Triple album "Music for Self Esteem" coming this summer.

...deconstructed East EU Club Music POSTERBOY. Listen exclusively to some of his album "UNBOUND FOREVER" coming out in June.

...greece’s finest contemporary producer having just brought out a super celebrated EP Distress with Evaa on TAR. Catch this wavy boy holding the decks like the grim reaper holds a sickle...

Hunni’d Jaws
...sick eclectic DJ and one of the founders of No Shade. Hard-hitter, script-flipper, hair-whipper.

LE FEU of the hardest going on the CDJs in Berlin and part of Through My Speakers crew. One half of DJ/producer team SABRINA- guaranteeing the aux/decks are in best hands cuz she’s known to pack more heat than the Notre-Dame...

LEO LUCHINI’s pretty boy rapper/producer übertalent back in his hometown with a rare set of his last DUMMY-praised EP Tears Behind My Shades and new exclusive material - the underground scenes’ best kept secret...

...artwork trendsetter, you saw her stuff everywhere and it made your boots rattle and your tummy tingle. Catch their live VJ show and trip the fuck out on the dance floor.

...father of hyped LA event and NTS show Sleeper Cell, Ike blesses Berlin a second time with his in-depth selection of trap and drill gems; the realest ears on the underground of the city of angels.

snakeeyes a NYC-born, London-based, Native American vocalist/producer making experiemental latin-trap and trip-hop influenced music. she’s playing a few tracks off her recent project "Cielo Verde" as well as some new stuff.

Admission: 6€ before 00H - 10€ after

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