Mo 21.7 — Sa 26.7.14

Jan Van Eyck Aa Presents: Justifiable Versions Of Events/catastrophe

ACUD STUDIO 14h → Concert & Talk & Exhibition & Performance & Workshop

21. - 26.7. ACUD GALERIE | STUDIO | CLUB |
Symposium, workshops, exhibition, bar

Justifiable Versions of Events is a one week event of exhibitions, symposia, interventions, actions, workshops, papers and performances, initiated by the Jan van Eyck Alumni Association. The program is set to test the limits, contradictions and potentialities of the idea of Catastrophe, conceived as a critical tool, a practical resource and a terrain of struggle.
Justifiable Versions of Events is the second edition of the yearly gathering of the work platform JvE/AA, an institutional errance or error, periodically moving to different places, and acquiring multiple acronyms, in the continually reshaped attempt to find frames for a heterogeneous and polemic set of practices.


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Tuesday 22 July

10:30Ichts, Othing: Bacon… Böhme. Hegel.. James • Ben Dawson (talk)
After Catastrophe. From Beckett to Žižek • Gregor Moder (talk)
JVE(A): Justifiable Versions of the End (Apocalypse) • Oxana Timofeeva (talk)
13:00 - Lunch
14:30On The Metapolygonal Condition (Render Farm Apocalypse II) • Alexander Negrelli (talk)
For a theory of non-catastrophic politics • Katja Diefenbach (talk)
16:30Autonomy and Engagement: Other Forms Projects and Practice • Alan Smart and Jack Henrie Fisher (talk)
19:00Parallax 3: Anamorphosis

Wednesday 23 July

10:30LUNÄ • Marjolijn Dijkman (presentation)
The quality of mercy is not strained • Mladen Dolar (talk)
14:00 - Lunch
15:30 - All dressed up with nowhere to go: the agency of place in the films of Jia Zhangke • Tzuchien Tho (talk)
From Historical Conceptual Schemes to Tropes of Political Attitudes: On Received Views of Spinozist and Hegelian Theories of Institutions • Olivier Surel (talk)
17:00 - Break
17:30 - Doing nothing: voidance and intensification • Bruno Besana (talk)
Untitled • Okkyung Lee (solo cello performance)

19:00 - Opening exhibition ‘OUT OF STASIS’
The Great Encounter, The Ending • Anna-Luise Lorenz, Simone van Dijken
Mutually Assured Catastrophe • Jayme Yen, Kristin Posehn and Alexander Negrelli
20:30 - Bon Ton / Mais Non
Top Liste Surrealiste (performance)

ACUD CLUB: PARTY with DJ Kim Kong-il

Thursday 24 July

(Exhibition open from 12:00 – 16:00 hrs)
10:30Stiegler after Derrida: On a Return of History • Michael Lewis (talk)
Derrida’s Adieu to Levinas: The Catastrophe of Onto-theology • Michael Weinman (talk)
12:00 - Break
12:15 - Moving Clouds • Helmut Voelter (talk)
The Decline of the Heterosexual Regime • Andrea Liu (talk)
13:45 - lunch
15:30 - Adaptive Irritation
Jonathan Lukens (workshop)

Friday 25 July

(Exhibition open from 12:00 – 16:00 hrs)
11:00 - General meeting with board and members of the JVEAA

Saturday 26 July

19:00Parallax 4: Copernican Turns and Messianic Displacements
22:00 - Closing party ‘THE END OF CATASTROPHE’, DJ Kosmik Khatib & JVEA special guests