Do 21.3.19

Christian Kleine + Subheim, Blackland

ACUD CLUB 19h30 → Concert

Introspective night with nostalgic, atmospheric electronic music

Line- up

Christian Kleine [DE]
Subheim [GR]
Blackland [CA/SE]


Christian Kleine [A Strangely Isolated Place, Morr Music]
... needs no introduction. With an impressive career that spans across four decades and releases on Morr, City Centre Offices and recently, LA-based A Strangely Isolated Place, his music is a delicate and introspective listen. Whether recorded or performed live, his output defies expectations and invites you into a world of personal reflection.

Subheim [Denovali]
... Subheim’s work is a collage of field recordings, slowly evolving drum beats, hypnotic melodies and voices echoing in the distance. Drawing from a wide spectrum of genres and influences, his music sounds nostalgic, atmospheric, at times unsettling and always full of texture. At ACUD, he’ll perform music from recent releases on Denovali, debut LP “Approach” as well as unreleased, new material.

... is a new project, making their debut appearance at ACUD. The sound is dark and deep with wistful, repetitive melodies being the brush strokes on a canvas of constantly evolving, dark soundscapes. Blackland’s music requires deep and attentive listening. Pay close attention and you’ll find yourself in different places, sometimes warm and familiar and sometimes cold, distant, and disturbing.