DI 19.3.19

Marker & Friends - Berlin Residency & Festival 2019

Club 19h Concert

Ken Vandermark, the critically acclaimed MacArthur Fellow, saxophonist and clarinetist, is bringing his newest Chicago-based ensemble to Berlin for the first time. The project includes performances by the group, called Marker, as well as collaborations between it and some of the most significant members of Berlin's internationally renowned music scene.


18H30: Doors
19H: panel discussion with Macie Stewart, Ken Vandermark, Silke Eberhard, Emilio Gordoa
20H30: concert starts

1st set: 2 Trios and 1 Duo with MARKER & Berlin guests
Silke Eberhard [saxophone]
Steve Marquette [guitar]
Phil Sudderberg [drums]
Emilio Gordoa [vibraphone]
Macie Stewart [keyboard]
Andrew Clinkman [guitar]
Ken Vandermark [reeds]
Steve Heather [drums]

2nd set: MARKER
Ken Vandermark - reeds, Andrew Clinkman & Steve Marquette - guitars, Macie Stewart - violin & keyboard, Phil Sudderberg - drums

Funded by INM and Musikfonds


...is Ken Vandermark’s newest ensemble as a leader and includes Andrew Clinkman and Steve Marquette on guitar, Macie Stewart on violin and keyboard, and Phil Sudderberg on drums, in addition to his instruments of tenor & baritone sax, Bb & bass clarinet. Continuing Ken’s interest in creating new compositional forms for improvised music, he has devised a performance system that not only employs variable order through collage, but has added superimposition to the structuring of material to create another layer of possibility for the organization of the sets. The music of Marker expands the conventional orchestration for an improvising quintet, and is deeply inspired by Bernie Worrell’s keyboard work with Parliament Funkadelic and Talking Heads, contemporary classical music, the guitar work of post-punk groups like Wire and The Ex, and groove methodologies from Brazil, Afro-Beat, and funk.

Steve Marquette, guitar
Andrew Clinkman, guitar
Phil Sudderberg, drums
and Magda Mayas, Silke, Eberhard, Axel Dörner, Emilio Gordoa, Steve Heather, Tony Buck

Admission: 10€


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