SA 2.2.19

Diffraktion #9

Studio 19h30 Screening

LaborBerlin e.V. is proud to present the ninth edition of DIFFRAKTION, the annual showcase highlighting new works by LaborBerlin members and friends on Saturday, 2nd of February 2019.

With works by Natalia Fentisova, Alejo Franzetti, Isma Gane, Dr. Globus & Busenvolk, Labodoble (Bagdasarov/Moralesová), Luisa Greenfield, Tomasz Konart, Bernd Lützeler, Melina Pafundi & Deborah S. Phillips


Labor Berlin
... is a non-profit, independent film collective, open to every individual interested in artist-run initiatives and especially in analogue film practice, which embraces a more experimental and D.I.Y., craft approach to film production. The Lab is a meeting point of exchange and engagement of ideas and experiences around filmic creation.

Every new member is introduced to the lab and has the opportunity to learn how to use its facilities, in order to autonomously pursue personal projects. In addition, LaborBerlin e.V., independently or in collaboration with other artist-run collectives or institutions, organizes screenings that explore different themes and holds regular workshops teaching various technical aspects of analogue film production.

The evening is moderated by Maria Morata & Alejo Franzetti.

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