Fr 18.1 — Sa 19.1.19

Vorspiel Opening / transmediale & CTM

ACUD KUNSTHAUS ACUD 17h30 → Festival

transmediale - festival for art and digital culture berlin and CTM Festival’s joint pre-festival program Vorspiel assembles a wide range of events and happenings, hosted by over 50 local venues and initiatives. Vorspiel opens on 18 January 2019, with an official greeting at the ACUD Theater at 18H. The second part of the evening includes performances, DJ Sets, and concerts at Studio, ACUD Club, and Max Fish bar.

Join us for the opening of the city-wide program at ACUD MACHT NEU!


ACUD Theater
Official Opening + Concerts + Performances

18H Vorspiel Opening Speech by CTM & transmediale
18H20: The First to Blink by Liebig12
19H: Under the Sons of Death' by Studio Heomugeoto 스튜디오 허무것도
20H: Checking The Lines (Saltation) by Replika
20H45: Dream Song Duet: For Ione by Renee T. Coulombe [Willows Nest]
21H45: Blurred Music by Biliana Voutchkova & Michael Thieke [Nemtsov&Nemtsov - Raum für Kunst und Diskurs
22H30 sentire & The Room of Eyes

ACUD Studio

19H: Interview Staffetto with project spaces
20H15: Listening Station by Research and Waves / Feldfünf - Projekträume im Metropolenhaus
21H: Liebig Intervention by Liebig12
21H30 Sound Tasting by Portrait XO


AV Live Sets & DJ Sets
19H30: The Nent [Metzger Therapie]
20H20: The Society for Nontrivial Pursuits by _Vilém_Flusser_Archive
21H10: Nico Daleman by Sound Studies and Sonic Arts - UdK Berlin
21H50: Black on Black by Apartment Project Berlin
22H40: Painless Future by Shared Frame
23H30: N2 by Studio Heomugeoto 스튜디오 허무것도
23H55: dérive & ornamental hermit by CTM
01H15: Farzan Badie by CTM and Beshnakow Radio
02H45: End Marce Braun by Liebig12

Max Fish

18H: DJ Mobiletti Giradischi [CTM] & DJ Kohlrabi [Vierte Welt]
20H: The Mouthfeel [edition zero] Zine Launch featuring readings by Nathan Gray, Hannah Lippard & Inger Wold Lund
20H30: DJ Kohlrabi [Vierte Welt]
22H15: Azúcar Escort by Studio for poetic futures and speculative ecologies

ACUD Studio, Gallery, Backyard
Installations + Screenings

Admission: Free/Donation

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