Sa 8.12.18

House of Living Colors presents Trill: Turn Up and Chill

ACUD CLUB 22h → Club Night & Performance

House of Living Colors invites you for a chilling and dancing club night enhancing the importance of rest as a form of joy and recharging. A turn up dancefloor, from pillows to dope tunes.


22H00 Doors
23H30 Performances

Acud Studio
22H00 DJ Bad Puppy
23H30 Performances
00H30 min intermission by Dj Bad Puppy
1H30 Dreea b2b Mr Manic
3H30 Kikelomo

Acud Club
22H00 DJ Nevermind
1H30 Xeno Genesis b2b Alyha
3H30 Minq Coats


Turn up and Chill
... is about the importance of experiencing joy through dancing, letting loose and enjoying oneself in relation to people in a space, but also reinforces the importance of rest as a form of joy and recharging. Two spaces: one with a house party type vibe for chilling and dancing; Another with live Drag and Performance art and hype party, where the turn up will be REAL!


Dreea Kali
... ist Plattenauflegerin aus Berlin. "Shrine Of La Kali“ nennt sich ihr jüngstes Mixtape, das sich mit einer geschmackssicheren Mischung aus Rap, Soul, R&B- und afrikanischen Rhythmen darauf wartet, von euch abgespielt zu werden. Also organizer of the Mouthpiece events.

Mr. Manic
... is a rapper/MC, vocalist, multi-genre producer and DJ, and performance artist from Philadelphia, based in Berlin. Having been involved in various of projects for many years and traveling the world to perform and spin, they settled in Berlin in 2016 where they continue to create.

KiKe Lomo
DJ and presenter from London. Additionally, they she is apart of the No Shade collective in Berlin where they play everything from trap to bass, grime, hip hop, club, techno and more.

Xeno Genesis
is an Afrolatinx descendent transdisciplinary artist and visual content producer working in divergent new media, sound and portrait photography.

Yha Yha
Co-founder of New World Dysorder, Yha Yha will be moving your body on the dance floor with her eclectic style of cross genre mixing. She mixes everything from atmospheric techno to bass to vogue beats to house.

Minq Coats
Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana Minq is an Experience Creator by use of audio manipulation. Whether it's happy or sad, Minq loves to get emotional on the dance floor and invites you to do the same. Minq is also a resident DJ of the monthly party, The Dressing Room

Admission: 10€

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