FR 9.11.18

Waschanlage: Edition Eins

Club 22h Club Night

Two of Wet Viennas finest DJs will come together and serve you electronic, techno music you just need to move your body to. VANYA is the solo project of Iván Brito, Argentinian musician and sound designer based in Berlin. Whilst maintaining an experimental approach, Vanya’s style is likely to relate with downtempo, post-noise, wonky music and experimental club music. Perra Inmunda and Omeo, the highlight of the night, are putting together an unique show only for this specific night, don't miss it.


DJ Kündigung [Wet Vienna]
Perra Inmunda [Cointreau on Ice, live]
Omeo [Cointreau on Ice, live]
Mr. Fish [Wet Vienna]


His sound aesthetics is grounded on coding softwares for the creation and exploration of new sonic experimentations. All of his production is directly implicated by computer music and regards his live performance a more physical experience.

Admission: 5€

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