Di 13.11.18

NEVER WORK: Jessica Sligter /w Sarah Hennies + Bridget Feral

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert

Crooner and experimental musics are getting together to inhabit a "noir" conceptual space. Plus a grueling percussion performance.


Jessica Sligter
... is a Dutch-Norwegian artist and producer who mixes crooner & experimental musics in a "noir" conceptual space. Her september release "Polycrisis:yes!" mixes vocals, abstract electronics, and synth in a futuristic imagining of collapsed European identity. The WIRE described it as "a terrifying, brilliant album that wails up its desolation at the European catastrophe of our times."

Sarah Hennies
... percussionist and composer extraordinaire from the USA, she joins Sligter on her European release tour. Hennies’ work utilizes an often grueling, endurance-based performance practice in a subversive examination of psychoacoustics, queer identity, and performance art.

Bridget Feral
... is an American producer whose work plays between composition and noise, finding the path through augmented instruments, handmade electronics, and experimental computer music.

Visual by Norman Palm

Admission: 8€

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