SO 18.11.18

Cüneyt Sepetçi

Club 20h Concert

The indisputable don of Turkish Roma music and larger-than-life clarinettist [Living Music Duplication, Istanbul] Cüneyt Sepetçi will grace Berlin for the first time with an exclusive appearance. But beware, this is not for the faint at heart, uneven meters galore and musical adventures at break-neck speed. Plus DJ set consisting of Romanian and Bulgarian Manele and Kuchek tracks by Candie Hank.


Cüneyt Sepetçi [live]
Candie Hank [DJ-Set]


Cüneyt Sepetçi
... Istanbul’s traditionally informed clarinet virtuoso Cüneyt Sepetçi is on an intense trip into modern Turkish wedding and party music. After mashing up the place at Roskilde Festival 2014 with the full Dolapdere wedding orchestra, Cüneyt will be back in November 2018 for his first Euro tour proper in a trimmed down, but no less crazy duo line-up - accompanied only by a master of the micro-tonal keyboard, the instrument without no wedding or circumcision party in the area is complete. Expect juicy preset sounds, clarinet stabs, arabesque melodies galore and electronically enhanced percussion madness at this gig.

Candie Hank
... aka Patric Catani who got involved with electronic music after discovering the computer game music of the Commodore64 games, Bomb the Bass (Beat Dis), Public Enemy and other Electronic, Dance + Rap music of the mid- late 80s. After a passionate time of ripping his favourite music out of games, he moved on with using the old homecomputers for programming and sequencing his own sounds. Always being fascinated by unusual sounds, melodies and scratching, his way went straight to the early Techno, Breakbeat and Acid Hardcore Music which got played on certain Rave Parties like e.g. Cosmic Orgasm at that time.

Admission: 12€



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