FR 19.10.18

Waxing Phases #6

Studio 20h30 Performance

Look up at the Moon, close your eyes and just let go. Feel your body merging in a dark atmosphere, images coming up in your mind and carrying you away, into your deepest thoughts and inner sensations.

Audiovisual Performances

Marcos Meza, Fax
Surrounding Elements

Our journey is about traveling through modern to ancient times. A neoclassic statement of a multicultural world passing through our life in many forms, as a nature beings (why not spiritual?) or electronic devices. To create our own version of this imaginary we have been working with analog synthesizers, ambient atmospheres, instrumental arrangements combined with dreamlike visual arts.

Aseret, Or Sarfati
Perception of Ethereal

A meditative experience immersed in melancholic atmospheres and tone-clusters that want to carry you into your pure feelings. A perception of Ethereal that reminds you a very far land, instinctive emotions that shapes a new path to yourself. A place where, at the end, you feel like home. Is this our heart?

Sofía Bertomeu, Visual Pal
From Latin transire, from trans (“over”) + ire (“to go”). The act or fact of passing across or through. The aim of this performance is to deal with the idea of the “passage”, what goes from one thing to another and the suspension that occurs when you are neither in one state nor in another, neither in one place nor in another.


Marcos Meza
... is an ambient & modern classical producer from Santiago de Chile.
Since 1998 he has been evolved on producing projects from classical to hip hop, jazz, indie, electronic, soundtracks and beyond. Meza has released five instrumental albums by Le Rock Psicophonique available in all digital stores. Besides composing, producing and performing, he works as a music director for films and documentaries.

... Italian artist who lives and works in Berlin. He investigates mostly the perception of audio, the way to represent it and to describe the feel- ing with geometrical structures. His works are focused on the data analysis of the sound to generate distorted landscape, surreal forms and abstract scenery of decomposition of micro/macro cosmos. His projects en- compass from performance, interactive installation, photography and geometry.

... Sardinian project based in Berlin dedicated to Ambient-Drone Music as Composer and Live Performer. Aseret studied in Italy, where he made two Sound Installation and various Live electronics in the Conservatory of Sassari, Cagliari, Latina and Bolzano. The purpose of his works is to bring back to foreground the human value of each person, giving him, through the music, a chance to identify himself and reconsider his own spaces, in contrast with a world increasingly hectic.

Or Sarfati
... with a background of a developer, uses the world of visual art to create environments that are generated and evolved at the present moment. Using a particle system, these environments reacts to a changeable set of rules and can be designed or manipulated during a live performance. Each act is a mix of composition and improvisation giving a different result while keeping an organic sensation.

Sofía Bertomeu
… Spanish multidisciplinary artist whose projects concern issues such as "dissolved identities", "dissolved spaces", deep and hidden emotions, abstract landscapes within wider areas (museums, bodies...), conceptual and thematic Soundscapes and Portraits. The usage of the term “Scape” as a double meaning; as a landscape shortening and as an actual escape from our own reality.

Visual Pal
… Visual artist of Barcelona. Her artistic career is carried out in the realization of video-graphic pieces, audiovisual installations and live shows as a visual artist. She has collaborated in the Contradanza video exhibition (Antonio Clavijo, 2012) and has participated in different festivals and samples of contemporary art (La Panera Art Center, Brucstock Festival, CACIS, Intramuros, etc.). Her video piece Vidi Well Brother was selected by the Global Screen of the CCCB cycle and her installation Kiss is currently roaming through centers and art galleries. Her facet of visual artist has allowed her to collaborate in the visuals of experimental music formations, shows of contemporary dance, theater and performance. She has recently published some albums where she explores the plastic possibilities of the recited voice and the sound landscape. She is the co-organizer of the Andròmina Festival, a different experiences cycle and curator of the Ponts de Llum Art Festival (Manresa) among others.

Thanks to Mouse ADV and Luca Ciabatti for our original graphics.

Admission: 10€

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