DO 11.10.18

Nico Adomako & Friends #5

Club 22h Club Night

The Berlin-based DJ Nico Adomako is hosting his 5th edition of NICO ADOMAKO & FRIENDS featuring new and experimental club sounds.


Nico Adomako
... is a Berlin-based DJ, curator and show host on Berlin Community Radio and the Co-Founder of the riveting platform and party series EINHUNDERT. From Club and Bass Music to House, RNB, UKG and Dancehall, Nico's taste derives from his multicultural background, with each set bringing together far flung genres in cohesiveness.

Didi Han
... the Seoul DJ packing out clubs with infectious hip-hop and R&B. Making a name for herself (along with her collective Pute Deluxe) she's taking it on the road outside of Seoul and will be finally making her Berlin debut at Acud.

... Bulgarian-born, Berlin-based producer, he will make his way back to Acud after touring Asia for the first time. It's unclear whether this particular track will be used as part of a bigger project from Goro, but regardless it's a collaboration that works well and could lead to more great music from all involved.

... ’s sound encompasses a wide spectrum of tempi and synthesizes the influences of various genres: hip hop, r&b, reggaeton, jersey club, old school grime instrumentals and kuduro. He has a long-standing affection for West-Coast US instrumental hip hop as well as for Latin American drum music, UK funky and underground club music. Tuan:Anh is part of the five-headed Berlin-based artist collective Bass Gang and a co-founder of the label Tactic Signals.

Admission: 5€ before 00:00 / 8€ after

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