DO 18.10.18

Jessica Einaudi Record Release Show

Club 20h Concert

Jessica Einaudi's new record "Black and Gold" is out. The night will be opened by a special ambient set by Berlin based composer Hior Chronik (!7K), followed by Jessica Einaudi's record release show with some special guests. Afterwards, Valerie Renay will be delighting us with a dark and intriguing DJ set.


20H30 Hior Chronik - Ambient Set
21H15 Jessica Einaudi - Record release show
22H00 Valerie Renay - DJ Set


Jessica Einaudi
... is a Berlin-based Italian singer and songwriter and visual artist. As half of dream pop duo La Blanche Alchimie, After a first debut solo album (2014), blending diverse musical influences that range from traditional folk to experimental electronica, haunting melodies and atmospheric soundscapes. With the launch of her new album *Black and Gold*, Jessica's voice mesmerizes, seduces and moves smoothly between retro sounds and slow motion beats. The album combines Casio piano sounds, indie pop and electronica.

Hior Chronik
... is a Berlin-based composer who as been working as a radio producer on Jazz FM in Athens as well as editor in several music magazines. His attention has turned to minimalist ambient piano patterns, characterized by cinematography, melancholy, scattered notes and long melodies that form expressive engagements.

Valerie Renay
... is a Berlin based French-Caribbean solo musician, performer, vocal coach, painter, DJ and one half of Art Pop Noir duo Noblesse Oblige. Valerie plays an eclectic mix of tasty electro, sexy indie classics, pop anthems with a pinch of weirdness and underground coolness, some dark and some up lifting tunes.

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