DI 16.10.18

Amstart: Khavn

Club 19h Concert & Screening

An evening with the mastermind from the Filippines presented by DIGITAL IN BERLIN, Rapid Eye Movies, staatsakt + amSTARt


19H30 ACUD Kino
This is not a Lost Film by Khavn
Music by Khavn De La Cruz (piano/organ)

21H30 ACUD Club
Khavn & the Kontrakino Orchestra feat. Brezel Göring


... composer, pianist, singer and low-flying superstar holding the world record for the longest-ever solo piano concert looks back on a career including 23 albums, 47 feature films and 112 short films in total. In October the mastermind from the Philippines turns to Berlin for a rare performance, presenting an excerpt of his impressive film works and playing live afterwards with Kontrakino Orchestra.

Khavn de la Cruz is an artist with an output that is singular in its fecundity, a prolix daily output that is off the charts. Musician, poet, writer, filmmaker, Cruz is, however, most well-known as the father of Philippine digital filmmaking. - BOMB Magazine

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