Fr 14.9.18

Chicx - Chilean Conexión: Jorge C, Fantasna, DJ Rafael, Lucas Vazz

ACUD STUDIO 19h → Concert & Performance

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, numerous young Chilean artists and musicians have flogged to the German capital, seduced by an effervescent artistic and musical scene and a society in which personal liberties continue to be valued more than economic capabilities. A group of them has been invited to exhibit parts of the work they are developing in their new home, in a night where intercultural art and music will merge in a same space.

Desde a caida del Muro de Berlín, numerosos artistas y músicos chilenos se han venido movilizando a la capital alemana seducidos por una escena artistica y musical efervecente y una sociedad donde las libertades personales siguen siendo un valuarte por sobre las capacidades económicas. Un grupo de ellos ha sido invitado a exhibir parte de los trabajos que estan desarrollando en su nuevo hogar, en una noche donde arte y música intercultural se fusionarán en un mismo espacio.

Artist List

Bernardita Bennett
Jesus Briceno
Jorge C
Camilo Correa
Felipe Fredes
Muriel Gallardo
Melanie Garland
Rommy González
Pablo Hassmann
Florencia Lizama
Paloma Llambías
Santiago Mac-Auliffe
Ivan Melnick
Renzo Mencarini
Rafael Parra
Gines Olivares
Dominica Sol
Lucas Vazz
Bernardita Villaroel

Line-up Afterparty

Jorge C [Ojo de Apollo, Matrix Records, Deepartsounds, Dopenessgalore]

Jorge Cortes is a chilean producer from Santiago which is living in Berlin since 2012. His early music works where as part of the Chilean punk-scene with Supersordo in the 90s and then starting to explore sounds with synthesizers at the beginning of 2000 with his first aka Receptor.é

Fantasna [Apparel Music, Neovinyl
Recordings, Drumma Records, Melisma, Nerang Recordings, Ojo De Apolo, Pirotecnia]
Sebastián Mella is a chilean producer and DJ from Santiago de Chile. His work as Fantasna begins in 2001 and was alredy chosen as winner of the “Pulsar” prize in Chile for “Best Electronic Music Artist 2014”.

DJ Rafael [Panal Records]

Rafael Parra is a chilean dj which moved his studio to Berlin this year. In SAntiago he host different projects dedicated to distribute local but also international electronic music. His style keep moving forword in a mix between Punk-Rock loop melodies played by Synthesizers.

Lucas Vazz

Lucas Vazquez is a DJ and producer from Santiago, living and working in Berlin since 2016. He developed passion and interest towards music in early years, when different genres like hip hop and house music started to make their way through the underground music scene in his homeland, Chile. He recently released his first LP “QMPTS Made in Berlin” in collaboration with the chilean/german producer Reiner Scheffelt aka Mr. Down in 2016.

Admission: 5-8€

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