Mi 19.9.18

iN bERLIN Jam Session

ACUD BACKYARD 20h → Concert & Club Night

From that far away world of music that has no borders or differences we arrive to Berlin.

We have in us a lot of ORIENTAL MAGIC
we have in us a lot of WESTERN BEAUTY
and a lots and lots of LOVE

Feel very invited to join us in our third annual #WBTM Jam Session and Party iN bERLIN at the wonderful ACUD, to spend with us a few hours full of creativity, music, dance and art where international artists meet on one stage and speak their united language! This year we invited dancers to make a workshop and add some spice to our program.

Much love and see you there,
The We Belong TO MUSIC team and community


19H30 Opening with DJ BFAN
21H Dabksm (Dance performance)
21H30 Matar Band & Friends
22H30 Jam Session
00H DJ Shamsa


(Dance performance between folk traditional middle eastern dance & Tango and Modern dance by Medhat Aldabaal and Ali Hasan)

Matar Band
Matar, the Arabic name of 'Rain', it started when the Syrian percussionist Ali Hasan and Oud player Nabil Arbain have met in 2015 through their waiting time in a refugees camp in Frankfurt Oder, later on they started to play traditional Arabic music and composed music by Nabil, they started mixing classical western music with new rhythms from their region to create kind of new identity.
2017 Simon Schmidt joined the group with his guitar, vocal and his electronic world, Simon brought with him a new flavor to the group with an original western spirit. MATAR is a package of different musical backgrounds touched by Berlin vibes.

DJ Shamsa
... is an old Bedouin name and it means the sun.
Shamsa, a Middle Eastern embodiment of the feminine mystical, oracle, queens of the desert. The nomadic Bedouin warrior queens. The women that had most wisdom. The beautiful, resilient, strong and free goddesses. Shamsa has been DJing for a little over 2 years now between the region and Berlin.

... is a Tunisian DJ and filmmaker based in Berlin. He is a dedicated digger of the African and Oriental sounds spectrum. His mixes are like a film with a smooth storytelling, shifting angles and perspectives with a constant reflection to his motherland.

We Belong to Music
We are a non-profit platform that aims to offer workshops & Jam sessions and music events as a (circle to exchange knowledge, skills) in Berlin. WBTM was born in the international space of Baynatna ( the Arabic library in Berlin ) as a wish to exchange experiences by proposing collective artistic activities. Taking a place in a variable locations of the city as well in the library itself, the workshops give ones the opportunity to share with the audience their musical and other artistic skills, while the jam sessions, as the same implies, are musical meetings everyone can take part in and participate in the common creation of a musical theory.

Admission: 6-10€

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