SA 28.7.18

The Runner

Club 19h Concert

"The light of the future casts the shadows of tomorrow" - Sun Ra
"RUNNERS of the FUTURE" draws an unified fictional space in a dystopian metaphor of the generic city.
ISH + SAM EY [live]
SOHRAB AKA AHU [Shahr Farang]
WHOANN [Minor Planet Music]
V/ [Visuals-Digital installation]
Ethereal Logic is S.Moreira and Santi Uribe, two Berlin-based producers. S.Moreira is best known for his stripped-down house releases on Slow Life, which launched with his We All Are Fra! EP in 2013. Uribe is the crew's in-house designer, but also dabbles in production (he remixed a track as Indi Zone from S.Moreira's latest EP, Human Design, ). Moreira and Uribe have appeared as Ethereal Logic.

When BABY VULTURE raises her many voices it's like a call, pure, long and throbbing. She digs, she excavates. In an almost archeological manner, she keeps searching for distinct tones and noises that she turns into transportive collages where fragments of sound, space, and time come together. Like stories sung by sirens. BABY VULTURE was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. She studied fine art in London and is now based in Berlin. Somewhere along the way she almost lost her head over musique concrète, her heart to Cathy Berberian's voice and to genre-bending DJing. She worked as a multimedia artist and released music under the alias Cornerbred, a collaboration with DJ Magda. Another fruit of their liaison is the Perm event series that blends sonic and visual experiences into an innovative aesthetic experience. Finally, for other plash and silent roar
Electro-Acoustic live-collaboration between two Berlin-based producers after a few studio session shaped into unic mixed of their instruments, Viola, drums and various synths. ISH born in Swiss roots in Tunisia and living in Berlin, he started his dj career since early 2012, recently he takes up the A-side of 'For Ever Friends' Ep released on Partisan record label with two diverse offerings
“Psychedelic Rocks” And “Terrae”.
Tehran-born musician Sam Ey became associated with music at a young age. Starting out as a viola player in symphonic, oriental and modern orchestras, Shortly thereafter he was connected to the Underground music scene in Tehran and became an indi-electro drummer, In early 2014 he joined the Tehran group 'Langtunes', in which he played drums on their album “Tehrantor” and their various European tour, He moved to Berlin in 2015 to learn more about the world of electronic music and is currently a solo electro-acoustic musician, producing music with viola, drums and his own sound design.
Persian Ahu Karimi is a Berlin resident. He began his musical exploits in a punk band in Tehran but time and space and inertia have distilled his music into a rare spiritual essence, with a delicacy and evanescence like memory. He is running Record label “Shahr Farang” since 2013, his release on Third Ear Recordings “On The Run Ep” is like ether.

Grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, started collecting records in the late nineties.In 2009, he moved to Europe. First, arrived at Barcelona where he dedicated his time to enlarge his record collection. Whoann organized numerous after parties, playing long hours where he could develop his mixing skills. Six years later he moves to Berlin. After the release of his first vinyl, he got back to the studio and started a project with two friends under the name "Formas". His sessions are based on a carefully chosen record selection in his bag, over 15 years of clubbing experience and his never-ending dedication and desire to learn and explore through sound. His latest project is a record label 'Minor Planet Music'.

Since 2006 we have become “homo urbanus”. For the first in history the majority of human beings are now living in vast urban areas, many in megacities and suburban extensions with populations of 10 million and more. In 2010, I moved to Singapore and started working on “Runners of the Future”. This series repeatedly took me to Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai and Beijing many times. Regardless of the city, it is the same absurd flight, the same noisy silence. I keep only an imprecise trace, a blurry image, like a distorting mirror we are all reflected in. This essay is creating a fictional megalopolis, as visual poetry, a photographic narrative questioning modernity and the position of mankind in concrete jungles. "Runner of the future" draws a unified fictional space in a dystopic metaphor of the generic city.
Alexandre Dupeyron is a Franco-German independent photographer. Graduated from the Emi-CFD, Living and working between Paris, Berlin and Casablanca; after four years spent in Morocco to cover all Africa, two years in Singapore to cover Asia and one year in India. In his fine art photography, Alexandre focuses on the thin line between the visible and invisible, tangible and intangible. Through his discerning use of blur, he strives to extract from reality, a fragile instant of beauty and grace.
Timur Novikov is a Russian Media Artist based in Berlin. He moved to Berlin in 2015 as a freelance artist after studying architecture in Moscow. Through Urban Studies he started his own artistic project, where he analyses and creates sound and visual language systems of cities.
As a visual artist he works with light and analog visuals as well as generative digital graphics. He combines digital and analog mediums, and creates a tool to interact sound with light. His last kinetic sculpture based on part software programming and part hardware was powered by addressable LED light and servo motors. From 2016 he started to work with Berlin based labels Perm Records and Innervisions Records as visual and sound artist. He also visually curated Mass X, an art festival organized by Supportico Lopez Gallery and The Performance agency.
SA 28.7 // 19H // 7-10€

fictional spaces and dystopian metaphors
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