FR 22.6.18

Waxing Phases #5: Marco Accardi, Geso, Aseret, Or Sarfati, Kris Vango

Studio 20h30 Performance

Look up at the Moon, close your eyes and just let go. Feel your body merging in a dark atmosphere, images coming up in your mind and carrying you away, into your deepest thoughts and inner sensations.
Doors: 20H30
Start time: 21H00
Audiovisual performances by:

We tend to think that our lives are driven by some kind of fate, and indeed they are, but not exactly what we have thought. There are a nature high-end design and a master plan, something we vaguely can see or understand, elaborated by a higher form of intelligence. We can’t say for sure if it’s the summum of a technologically advanced civilization, or an ancient and ethereal entity, like a God/ess. It gave us the concepts of time and space, and along with that the arts related to them, such as music and visual art. Through them, we pay tribute and decipher its mystery.

Escape to a New Space
A sensory experience immersed in tone-clusters. The perception of space and yourself blend with sounds and images creating an introspective awareness. Archetype moving images that shape the sounds and create new horizons in a new space.

Upcoming concept album, exploring the 12 phases of the moon through various moods and energetic soundscapes. Alquamar is an audio/visual sensory experience that taps into the depths of subconscious moon energy and invites the listener to fearlessly embrace their shadow self – a cosmic journey from the deep waters of mother earth to the mystical shadows of the moons dark side.

... audio-visual artist, who took a BA in Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Palermo (IT) under the guidance of M° E. Casale. He worked with contemporary dance companies like “Zappalà Danza”, “Gau Company” and independent choreographers. He composed ed performed his music in Italy, Portugal, Germany and Denmark. Since 2012 he is involved in the MiniM Ensemble, a collective of musicians and composers, in which he develops softwares in the field of electro-acoustic music. Under the nickname “Murk”, he has released music on labels like Subaltern, Instigate, Surfase, CueLine and others.
... artistic alias from Pablo IA (Pablo Iglesias Algora, Madrid 1977), is a Berlin based visual artist, who has been working as graphic designer and art director (GeeOhDee), publisher and curator (Belio Magazine) and in the last years has developed his career as video artist. His works are usually a combination of glitches, light diffraction, geometric graphics, urban explorations and images inspired by landscapes and nature, a visual journey through images synthesized from reality in order to re-connect the viewer with a kind of collective memory.
Among a long list of visual performances, his work has been shown at galleries, festivals and exhibitions such as Piano Day (Waterford, 2018), Berlin Atonal (Berlin, 2014), Spektrum (Berlin, 2017), Adobe Creative Cloud Launch Event (Los Angeles, 2014), File Hipersonica (São Paulo 2013), Miscellanea Gallery (Barcelona, 2017), Krake Festival (Berlin, 2017, 2016, 2014 & 2013), Potenciadores de la Emoción (Granada, 2016), Berlin Art Week: Modernity (Berlin, 2016), In-sonora VIII edition (Madrid, 2016), Maschinenfest 2K15 (Oberhausen, 2015), Glitch – VJ Art at Bau Bau (Leipzig, 2015), Platoon Kunsthalle 2nd Anniversary (Berlin, 2014), Applied Sound Arts (Leipzig, 2013), We Love 8Bit Art Show (Berlin, 2013) and CutOut Fest (Queretaro 2012).
... is a Sardinian project based in Berlin dedicated to Ambient-Drone Music as Composer and Live Performer. Aseret studied in Italy, where he made two Sound Installation and various Live electronics in the Conservatory of Sassari, Cagliari, Latina and Bolzano. The purpose of his works is to bring back to foreground the human value of each person, giving him, through the music, a chance to identify himself and reconsider his own spaces, in contrast with a world increasingly hectic.
... with a background of a developer, uses the world of visual art to create environments that are generated and evolved at the present moment. Using a particle system, these environments reacts to a changeable set of rules and can be designed or manipulated during a live performance. Each act is a mix of composition and improvisation giving a different result while keeping an organic sensation.
...explaining his approach to music as “an emotional purge and an exploration into the realms of the universal soul”, producer/visual artist Kris Vango brings together dark fragmented sounds from the techno underground with an ambient space of hope and utopia. Born and raised in Australia, the roots of Vango’s music echo the countries expansive and dramatic landscapes, mirrored against the dark hedonistic shadow-side of the underground club scene of Berlin, where he has been living for the past 4 years. It is Vango’s belief that our sense of existence is interpreted through systems created by our varying global cultures, religions and stories of the universe, he believes the keys to unlocking our human potential are in the overlapping patterns of ancient theories and systems - and reinterpreting them into our modern intellectual observations of the physical world of science and quantum physics. It is this relationship between the physical and non physical aspects of our conscious life on earth that he finds most interesting. His soundscapes reflect and explore these patterns, symbols and systems through the universal language of emotions; art and frequencies. It is the research of these explorations that are expressed through music, inviting the listener to discover aspects of themselves by using sound and music frequencies to interpret the stories of ancient systems, ideologies and systems.
... Ioana Bilea is an environmental scientist/artist, from Brasov, Romania currently living in Berlin, creating audio-visual works with ecological background. She works with music and culture events, as well as creative spaces, music and video artists doing video mappings, visuals, installations, music and videos.
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FR 22.06 // 20H30 // 10 €

three ambient audiovisual performances
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