MI 23.5.18

Give Me Hell - A Midlife Crisis

Studio 20h Performance

GIVE ME HELL - Accidental Dante. A performance by Ana-Maria Hadji-Culea featuring stand-up by Carolina Nylund, Francesca Lacatena, Megan Francis Sullivan, Maija Timonen and Nathalie Wuerth.
Without prior premonition, the middle-aged protagonist finds herself in the midst of a peculiar visitation. The scope of the envoy is bringing her to Inferno where Beatrice - the muse in Dante Aligheri's original text - needs urgent help in dealing with an artist who believes she is there for a residency. Accidental Dante happens to know her. Since the misunderstanding artist's only other friends are middle-aged women who as such are busy making a conscious effort of inhabiting hell, Accidental Dante is the only acquaintance left in the outer world, whom they can ask for assistance. She reluctantly agrees to follow, thinking that: "Why settle for sour grapes when you can give me hell." During her journey she encounters the mythical female creatures of Inferno, who are all but able to provide the clues necessary for her to complete her quest.
GIVE ME HELL is a performance with stand up elements. Its first chapter premiered in 2016 in Berlin with the following predicament: As part of a new cultural self-reinvention project set in a very near future, nine artists have been rounded up to be retrained into the more serviceable civic activity of performing stand up entertainment. This will be their first public appearance. Art is no longer administered by middlemen, but governed directly by the top political figurehead. Each performer will compete against each other, with Angela Merkel as the absolute juror. This is still unknown to the performers. A double of Angela Merkel elected the winner, who was crowned and awarded a descent into hell. This is where the misunderstanding and the second chapter begins.
MI 23.5 // 20H // FREE
midway upon the road of her life she found herself within a dark wood ...
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