MO 12.2.18

Game, Permission, Life Fucker

Club 20h Concert

Two new bands from the UK on their first Euro tour, supported in Berlin by Life Fucker. Game deliver Japanese style hardcore with vocals in English and Polish, done by the boss lady of Quality Control Records with Jonah Falco of Fucked Up fame on drums and members of Violent Reaction and Arms Race. Permission sound like "if Saccharine Trust was a rugby team" and have their first LP on La Vida Es Un Mus. Life Fucker are presenting songs off the new LP which just came out on Static Age Records.
GAME [Quality Control Records]
A new UK band from members of NWOBHC doing Japanese hardcore
PERMISSION [La Vida Es Un Mus]
A new UK noisy hardcore band with members of No, Perspex Flesh, No Form
LIFE FUCKER [Static Age Records]
Berlin-based band with members of Sect and Exit Group who just released their raging first LP
MO 12.2 // 20H // 7-10€
two new hardcore bands from the UK on their first euro tour, supported by local rage heads
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