DO 25.1.18

Searching For Zomia #1: Tibeto-Burmese Shamanism

Studio 20h Talk

A presentation in sound and image recorded by Kink Gong aka Laurent Jeanneau.
From 2000 till 2014 Laurent Jeanneau was based in South-East Asia recording the music, songs and rituals of traditional cultures rooted in the remote Hinterlands.
Those cultures who escaped the agricultural and social systems of the densely populated central valleys and plains of China, Lhaos and Thailand have kept their independence for centuries, protecting their beliefs and traditions against the dominant ethnic groups till very recently. In the past 20 years the growing interest in the ressources and the exploitation of those Hinterlands has lead to an ever increasing interference into the lives of those minorities. Many of the musical and cultural traditons presented here are no longer in existence.
Laurent Jeanneau will present in a series of 5 events the recordings he made in those historical areas of refuge which James Scott calls Zomia.

In Searching for Zomia #1: Tibeto-Burmese Shamanism he will talk about the specific dimensions of their spiritual beliefs widely called animism and by purpose uses the misleading term for what we easily in the western world call a Shaman, by introducing the Bima of the Hani , the Domsa of the Jingpaw, the Bimo of the Nisu in Yunnan-China or the Suni of the Nuosu in Sichuan-China, the priest of the Lisu in northern Thailand or the psychic healer of the Akha in northern Laos. They might call them priest, healer or trickster, they all have or had a function in their traditional environment, outside of the monotheist religions and inside Animism, superstition and super powers! // Bandcamp
DO 25.1 // 20H

a presentation in sound and image recorded by kink gong aka laurent jeanneau
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