Sonospace would like to invite you to its first Berlin edition, where its contributing pioneering artists in the field have the pleasure to showcase their work in it´s first Berlin edition.
Sonospace was established in London, U.K as an organisation for the research and development of the sonic arts. In essence, Sonospace is a digital sound archive and audio publisher with an ongoing commitment to document, proclaim and inspire the sound culture and spirit of our time. The audible arts are central to what we do, and we curate an expanding list of challenging and talented artists from around the world.
The sound archive takes inspiration from modern art galleries and installation art spaces and the website intends to recreate that design ethos to bring the sonic arts to both a physical exhibition as well as the digital domain. Our project focus on our current core areas of interest; field recording, sound art and ambient minimalism. However, also works with other forms of contemporary classical and electronic music.
Yann Novak, is a L.A based pioneer in minimalist sound and visual artist. Through the use of sound, light and space, he explores how these intangible materials can act as catalysts to focus our awareness on the present moment and alter our perception of time. Novak’s work, whether conceptual or rooted in phenomenon, are informed by his investigations of presence, stillness and mindfulness. His works can be experienced as architectural interventions, sound diffusions, audiovisual installations and performances, durational performances, concerts and recorded sound-works.
His screening of Blue.Hour explores the high contrast colours created in the landscape during “l’heure bleue”, the period of twilight each evening when there is neither full daylight nor complete darkness. Directly following the ‘Golden Hour,’ know for its diffused yet powerful light, the Blue Hour retains the diffusion but lacks the strong light source giving this period of the day an especially melancholic and meditative atmosphere.
Yann´s performance works have been experienced internationally at sound art/electronic music festivals including the AxS Festival, Pasadena; Decibel Festival, Seattle; Forward Festival, Washington, D.C.; Mutek Festival, Montreal; Resonant Forms Festival, Los Angeles; Soundwalk, Long Beach and at art venues and museums including the Human Resources, Los Angeles; LACMA, Los Angeles; Machine Project, Los Angeles; Oboro, Montreal; The Stone, New York; Torrance Art Museum, Torrance; Vincent Price Art Museum, Monterey Park; among others.
Novak’s solo and collaborative sound-works have been published on numerous releases on such labels as Dragon’s Eye Recordings, Farmacia901, Hibernate Recordings, LINE, Murmur Records, Touch Radio, and Unfathomless. His sound-works have also appeared on multiple international sound art and electronic music compilations on labels such as Crónica, Dronarivm, Drone Records, Home Normal, Mandorla, Monochrome Vision, IO Sound, The Wire and others.
As a result of these endeavors, Novak had been invited to numerous residencies including the Environmental Aesthetics Residency, Seattle; the Espy Foundation Residency, Oysterville; the Jental Artist Residency, Sharidan; the Kasini House Studio A Residency, Burlington and the Taliesin Artist Residency, Spring Green.

Forking Paths is a collaborative project between Amsterdam based photographer Yolenth van den Hoogen and Stefano De Ponti along with Shari Delorian that will be showcased at the event. Their intent is to push the boundaries of previous vacuous and deepen the relationship between sound research, research and visual narrative.
Along with the statement that The ‘fictional space’ mirrors what is true of time, it questions the spectator ¨where do we enter, in which way do we move and how are we looking, listening and modifying that what we are surrounded with. The bifurcation of what we have learned and therefor leads to constantly diverging paths.¨
The different musical backgrounds of De Ponti and Delorian create atmospheres that combine meta-narrative sound dramaturgy with post-industrial electronic processing, which are part of a short but intense dilated raids accompanying noise and create an interaction with the slow transformation of images from van den Hoogen, amplifying the emotional estrangement and prospective.
Milan born Artist, Stefano Di Ponti, has focused his artistic path on using sound to create stories and evoke images. Landscape, action, word and property of matter are some of themes that he explores in his research, that ranges from performance to radio art, from theatre to audiovisual installations approaching the territories of soundscape and electroacoustic music. In many different places and contexts, his work has been presented in Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, Bulgary, Indonesia and has been published by Old Bicycle Records, Under My Bed Recordings, Vacuamoenia, Many Feet Under, Apparizione, Sonospace and Triple Moon Record.
Amongst his main collaborations are: Eleonora Pellegrini, Nina Haab, Compagnia Deflorian Tagliarini, Yolenth van den Hoogen, Menoventi, Zoe Teatro and Riserva Canini.
Fabio Perletta is a sound/installation artist and curator living and working in Berlin, Germany, and will be performing live. He creates immersive auditory fields which engage listeners to experience meditative states. By using sound as a vehicle for conceptual investigation and sensorial stimulation, his work explores the intersection between different yet complementary areas such as science, psychology and human perception. Influenced by Zen culture and quantum physics, his research delves into the inter-relationship between the notions of minimalism, silence, presence, entropy and visible/invisible.
Through live performances, sound diffusions, sound/light installations and audiovisual concerts, his works have been exhibited worldwide in Japan, USA, Spain, UK, France, Tunisia and Colombia at media art festivals, art galleries and venues including A×S Festival: Curiosity (Pasadena, US), SoundFjord Gallery (London, UK), Café OTO (London, UK), O’ (Milan, IT), BlueProject Foundation (Barcelona, ES), Museum of Modern Art – LAB3 (Medellin, CO), Kid Ailack Art Hall (Tokyo, JP), 90dB Festival (Rome, IT), E-fest Cultures Numériques (La Marsa, TN), Flussi Festival (Avellino, IT), roBOt Festival (Bologna, IT) Krake Festival (Berlin, DE) and many more.
He currently curates the Farmacia901 imprint, the multidisciplinary Berlin-based studio Mote and the Lux project, working for the solo exhibitions ‘Melancholia: Short Films of James Elaine and William Basinski’ and ‘Topografia del Vuoto’ by German artist Thomas Köner.
Harry Sumner is a sound artist and music composer from the United Kingdom. He studied sound in Manchester and has since gone on to produce sound and music pieces for theatre and general release. He is the director of Sonospace. A sound archive and record label which specialises in field recording, sound art and experimental ambient music.
Saturday, 23rd January 2016
Doors: 17H
Admission: FREE
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