Mille Paillettes playlist by Luc Le Truc

This saturday 13.7, Three party curators, “somehow rooted in their own way French”, will re-invent French music CLICHÉS at their joint party MILLE PAILLETTES.Join them for a Discodiversity Line-Up, a Petit-Frenchy-Vinyl-Flohmarkt, a French-German-Speed-Tandem and a cookbook launch with delicious West-African food. Here is a 5-track-playlist from and commented by Luc Le Truc. Enjoy!

1) Muddy Monk – Boy
Here we go, with nothing less than the highlight of the night! For me. No funky rhythm? No pumping beats? I don´t care! And you know what, I even wouldn´t care if no one dances. I will!

2) Tshegue – Muanapoto
A great example how open mindedness can push things to a next level. Lot´s of percussion, shouts with that kind of snotty, punky attitude, you can´t learn, a garage guitar sound (oké, not in this track) and low-frequencies, deeper than the Lake Tanganyika. And did I already mention: Lot´s of percussion!

3) Léonie Pernet Feat. Hanaa Ouassim – Auaati
This song reflects perfectly my idea of the night: warm-hearted, trippy, dark and bright at once. Maybe I will decide to play the more danceflooresque Acid Arab Remix. Maybe not.

4) Duchess Says – Travailler
When punk bands sing about working they usually say wise things and we should listen. When Duchess Says “Travailler” they say: don´t work, D.A.N.C.E.!

5) Vendredi Sur Mer – Écoute Chérie
“No matter who you are, no matter who you love. If you love, you can find yourself in my songs.” I love!

Bonus Track: Manu Chao – Les Milles Paillettes
Manu Chao is a libertine who dares to do things, even I wouldn´t dare – as example, to write “Mille” with an “s”. And beside this beautiful title it’s also a beautiful song!