Mille Paillettes playlist by DJ Mixanthrope

This saturday 13.7, Three party curators, “somehow rooted in their own way French”, will re-invent French music CLICHÉS at their joint party MILLE PAILLETTES.Join them for a Discodiversity Line-Up, a Petit-Frenchy-Vinyl-Flohmarkt, a French-German-Speed-Tandem and a cookbook launch with delicious West-African food. Here is a 5-track-playlist from and commented by DJ Mixanthrope. Enjoy!

1) Dead Obies – “André”
“J’ai pas deux minutes mais j’ai deux majeurs” Dirty & flirty hip-hop en majestueux franglish du “Sud Sale” de Montréal, Québec.

2) Mireille Mathieu – “Oui je crois”
Emotions lived out loud from the very first woman to ever wear bangs in public.

3) Gaz Fabilouss – TIKA MAKOLO NA NGA
The wild sound of Kinshasa that they are not allowed to show on TV.

4) Toulouse – C’est Toujours Comme Ça L’amour
“Si tu veux tu peux t’en aller, ouais” – Toulouse. I Mean, a “French-speaking Canadian girls band from the 80’s”, what else needs to be said? Anything sexier than the trumpet on this track may be dangerous for your health.

5) Tsiliva – “Oy!”
Madagascar’s very own Kilalaky style & dance with mostly only drums & vocals. Someone still has to convince me that there are better dance moves than the ones showcased here.