Fr 2.6.23

Singularity 2.0

ACUD CLUB 20h → Club Night & Performance

Singularity 2.0
FR 2.6, 20H ACUD Club
Presale: 12E
Tickets at the door: 15E

"Singularity" is a mixed media event that challenges traditional notions of time, space, and sonics. The singular A/V series of multidisciplinary performances creates a pure synaesthetic experience that immerses the audience in a new realm. By fusing different art forms such as music, visual arts, and technology, "Singularity" offers an innovative and immersive experience that stimulates the senses and encourages contemplation.

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Line up:
Hypnoskull (live)
Ewa Nomad
Eve Schwarz
Fangarm (live)
Stanislav Glazov (live)
Mariami Aianadi x Leonardo Sbabo (performance)
Performance Workshop & Lab by Valentin Tszin
Visuals by Yan Kalnberzin


Fr 2.6 → Club Night & Performance
Sa 3.6 → Concert & Club Night & Performance
Di 6.6 → Talk