Do 25.6 — Sa 8.8.20

DO NOT TOUCH - collective debrief at ACUD Galerie

ACUD GALERIE 17h → Exhibition

Installation and reading concept as a debrief at ACUD Galerie
Berlin 25th June - 8th August
w/ Shirin Mohammad, Virgil B/G Taylor and Sam Richardson, Pauline Canavesio, APART Collective and Ana Gzirishvili.

The reading programme will be announced continuously.

From June 25 w/Pauline Canavesio
From July 9t w/ APART Collective
From July 16 w/ Ana Gzirishvili
From July 23 w/ Shirin Mohammad
From July 30 w/ Virgil B/G Taylor and Sam Richardson

From August 4 closing debrief w/ Giulia Valenti and Paula Durinova⠀

Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin
Dates: 25.06 – 08.08.20
Opening Times: THU-SAT 17-20H and by appointment


Cancellation of the planned exhibition program at ACUD Galerie caused by the pandemic created empty space but also an occasion for debriefing. We feel the need to stop, look back, rethink and re-feel the current situation. The vacant gallery space will shift into a place of connection with several invited artists, engaging in conversation with them, and with ourselves, to contextualize our thoughts, emotions, concerns and immerse in a dialogue about the experience of the challenging connection and closeness
in this historical moment. A moment of forbidden touch, crumbled physicality and digital

Over the course of the next seven weeks, we aim to provide space for collective reflection. Participating artists will share their past video artwork and use it as an inspiration for personal reflection. Topics, narratives and themes present in the artworks prior to the pandemic, could, in this new historical framework, gain a new interpretation, new perspective and power.

The installation of each artist/collective will be changed on week/bi-week basic. Every change will be accompanied by curated reading session or a lecture, which will happen in the open-air yard of ACUD MACHT NEU, following the social distancing restrictions and taking care of everyone’s concerns and inputs.


Lucas Ohadara Listening Session

Sylvia Rybak

Pauline Canavesio

DO NOT TOUCH is a collaborative spontaneous concept developed by Giulia Valenti and Paula Durinova

Shirin Mohammad
Virgil B/G Taylor
and Sam Richardson
Pauline Canavesio
APART Collective
Ana Gzirishvili