So 17.11.19

Famous Grapes Sessions 2

ACUD STUDIO 19h → Concert

Famous Grapes are back for a second edition with a collection of audible and visible expressions navigating the dichotomy of the senses. Ambient soundscapes and visual articulations.


Niko LFO (Portals Editions / Archipel Community Radio)
Niko de Paula Lefort is a composer-performer, music producer, programmer and instrument maker. His work explores, maps and expends the boundaries of the aural multiverse we are living in, by means of intuitive agency and influenceable audio/visual systems.

Ramsha Shakeel is an experimental musician and interdisciplinary artist exploring tones and textures between the cities of Berlin, Toronto and Karachi.,

Monty Callaghan is a young Australian sound artist primarily working on experimental ambient composition. Sonically, Etherlands is intrigued by the intersection of analog and digital technologies, as reel to reel tape and field recordings fuse with extensive digital processing and synthesis to conjure up moody, melodic and melancholic worlds of sound.


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