Fr 1.11.19

Éclat Crew Presents #2: Nathalie Capello, Nomi Elektra & more!

ACUD CLUB 20h → Club Night

Éclat Crew couldn’t be more excited to present their second genre-bending party featuring live performances and DJ sets from members of the our female*, trans and nonbinary production collective! Come early for a listening party of tracks made at Éclat, stay for diverse and mind-melting live performances, hang out to dance til the wee hours. All welcome!


Nathalie Capello (Warehau3)
Nomi Elektra
Pausa a Pausa


Nathalie Capello
Based in Berlin and regularly playing at clubs such as Farbfernseher, Chalet and the notorious Salon zur Wilden Renate. Nathalie Capello is doing things her own way. Her sound sits comfortably between house and disco but can just as comfortably dip into rave and breaks, joining the dots between sounds and eras.

Nomi Elektra
Performing live with analogue hardware gear she combines melodies and basslines with a touch of 80’s Darkwave and the danceability and rawness of Berlin’s Techno. Since she started her solo project in 2018, she plays her live sets in several Clubs and events in Berlin and around Europe like Griessmühle, Inkonst (Malmö), Fusion Festival... Artlake and more.

Most often spotted in Berlin’s dank basements and soliparties, Tiefgarage cut their musical teeth on Manchester's warehouse raves, Gay Village and rock clubs. Prepare for dark, bassy, poppy, anthemic and soul-touching bangers.

Ohrkid (they/them) is a queer experimental pop artist based in Berlin. They are currently exploring the feminine, desire, and blood in their songwriting. This set will drop into what’s hypnotic, mesmerising and entrancing in radical vulnerability. Ohrkid is very excited to debut their new single, "Cherry Juice" in honor of Eclat tonight!

Pausa A Pausa
... is a new collaboration between GubiAnn, Lun Ário, and Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos, focusing on emerging gestures and environments through improvisation. Using feedback and sharing signals between the players, the virtual ensemble is spacialized by different approaches (in quadraphonic space when possible), creating ever-evolving sonorities that range anywhere from drone and noise to harmonic and melodic development and recognizable soundscapes.

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