Mi 24.7.19

Dead Ladies Show Open-Air

ACUD BACKYARD 19h30 → Performance & Talk

This summer we celebrate 5 years of ACUD MACHT NEU in the backyard of the cultural center and former milkhouse. Every wednesday evening together with former partners and friends of the house we have prepared an eclectic program throughout the summer with concerts, performances, talks & Summer Cocktails.

For this new Acud Macht Sommer night, we invite you to a very special open-air edition of the Dead Ladies Show! The Dead Ladies Show brings you tales of impressive women of yesteryear – usually under the roof of the ACUD Studio. This time, though, the stars above will be our ceiling. Join us in the ACUD backyard for a summer special, complete with drinks, chat, and celebrated ladies.


Writer Mary Scherpe will be telling the story of Fanny Cradock, an early celebrity chef with a style all her own, the woman who brought prawn cocktail to Britain’s tables and chiffon ballgowns to the TV kitchen. And stalwart co-host Katy Derbyshire will share her love for German writer Irmgard Keun, whose books explored women’s lives in Weimar-era Berlin with a humour all her own, which of course meant the Nazis banned them.

There’ll be thrills, spills, and let’s hope no chills in an evening dedicated to two fascinating figures, all held together by your beloved co-host, Florian Duijsens. Just this one time in English only.

Mary Scherpe
... is the brains behind the iconic Stil in Berlin blog and co-founded the Feminist Food Club. She writes and photographs, campaigns and organizes, and has supported the Dead Ladies Show from the beginning. We’re delighted to welcome her back!

Katy Derbyshire
... is an award-winning translator and literary mover-and-shaker. She and Florian Duijsens invented the Dead Ladies Show in 2015, and it now has franchises in NYC and Belgium.

Admission: Free Donation

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