DO 13.6.19

NNOI // annoying music

Studio 20h30 Concert & Screening

The 4th edition of NNOI FESTIVAL for 12,756 tone-music, obscure teachings & organ of the world-ventriloquist-lodge will happen in the beginning of july to explore the information density of our present age on a 1x1m grassy ground. NNOI festival comes into the city, the belly full of stones ... & presents a night of annoying art & music. It is all about clearing up old myths about the belly, the head, the brain and the rest of the body.


Roberta Perzolla & Marta Garcia Gomez

DJ Sets
DJ Schlucht
DJ Sigourney

Column One, Eyn lump & NNOI


... is the new supergroup of Rashad Becker (Pan), Robert Schalinski (Column One) & Jürgen Eckloff (Column One, 90%wasser). They will play their first berlin concert. The three masters in contemporary electronica are bound by a very defined approach in which sounds are detached and isolated from the ‘real’ world. Abstraction is the key to create an immersive and pure experience, fuelled by a taste for the uncanny, the unheimlich and the confused.

Rashad Becker
... Over the years, Rashad Becker has accrued credits on over 1,200 albums as a mastering and cutting engineer at Berlin’s esteemed Dubplates and Mastering, as well as at his own Studio Clunk. As a producer, he has released Traditional Music of a Notional Species Vol. 1 and 2 on PAN, in 2013 and 2016 respectively.

Column One
... is a Berlin based artist collective which exists since the nineties of the last century. The art and music of Column One is strongly influenced by Dada, the Surrealists and musique concrète, with a huge emphasis on sound and noise, developed long before such terms became fashionable. The musical part of Column One’s work is mostly electroacoustic studio production, although the group regularly presents live audio-visual performances.

Roberta Perzolla & Marta Garcia Gomez
... a journey of research into ancient sounds, in balance between movement and staticity, change and stasis, water and matter. Instruments: gong, shamanic drum, rattle, bells, voice & harp.

During the day Roberta offers energetic treatments, working as a traditional healer, while at night she dives into music performing as DJ, freeform radio moderator or passionate trash pop diva. She focuses on spirituality, transformation and interdisciplinary connections.
After Marta studied classical music in Padua and Milan, she has expanded her experience in the fields of folk and electronic music. She collaborates with orchestral formations and chamber music projects, as well as keeping alive her passion for experimentation.

DJ Schlucht
... His Dj sets are very eclectic – drug referential stoner-logic reflecting on movies without watching them and basically it always sounds the same or like one of his critics once said: “classic intuitive wrongfootedness”.

DJ Sigourney
... is the enigmatic and mysterious host of perlmutt radio show and the most sought after dj for people interested in avantgarde ass shaking.

Film-Premieres/New+Old films by Column One, Eyn lump & NNOI

Admission: 8-10€


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