Sa 8.6.19

Tarab Rave w/ Hello Psychaleppo

ACUD STUDIO 23h → Club Night & Concert

Join La6izi Community for a Tarab Rave with the syrian electro tarab pioneer Hello Psychaleppo هالو سايكلپو and Afterparty with La6izi Community DJs on the decks.


Hello Psychaleppo هالو سايكلپو
La6izi Community DJs
La6izi.Taradud b2b MishMosh
Bes / بس


Hello Psychaleppo
... Hailing from one of the most mystical and musically rich cities in the Levant. Hello Psychaleppo is deeply rooted in Arabic music tradition, captivating listeners with melodic strains of Tarab threaded seamlessly together with the convoluted sounds of electronic music. Hello Psychaleppoʼs compelling visual presentation is integral to the live experience that engages the soul and moves the body. Hello Psychaleppo is the brain child of Aleppian music producer and visual artist Samer Saem Eldahr. Hello Psychaleppoʼs first album “Gool Lʼah” released in 2013 pioneered the music genre of Electro-Tarab . The album was the first of its kind, combining Arabic music theory and rhythms with electronic music tools and sounds creating a harmonious blend that is Electro-Tarab. VICE Magazine described the music as, “A pastiche of twitchy electronic sounds and golden age Arab pop music of the 1950s and 60s. It is alternately danceable and cathartic, melancholic and apocalyptic. Itʼs Massive Attack meets Abdel Halim Hafez.” Hello Psychaleppo has released three full albums, ‘Gool Lʼahʼ (2013), ʼHA!ʼ (2014) and ‘Toyourʼ (2017) creating a journey for listeners into the world of Arabic melodies, elaborate arrangements, and cathartic dance music.

La6izi Community
... is a collective, that was founded in 2017 and based in Bremen, Germany. It has a DJ crew, which has gained a lot of recognition upon many musical events and is mostly known for Junoon-Festival. They had gigs in Berlin, Paris and other cities in Eurpoe. We Aim to spread culture and underground music from the Levant and MENA region through cultural/political events and partys. Our focus is on the alternative and independent arabic music scene alongside the rich variety of electronic music. Through music we try to create a space with intercultural exchange, which leads to open discussions that empower solidarity, since the political-social aspect of refuge and homeland can be lifted up by intercultural atmosphere. Our attitude is to face struggles in life and go through it without anxiety, which is our idiom "La6izi".

Admission: 10 € before midnight and 12 € after

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