FR 17.5.19

Waxing Phases #9

Studio 20h30 Concert & Performance

Waxing Phases warmly invites you for their ninth edition.
As usual an ambient journey between the physical, mental and the digital world with Audiovisual and live performances. Look up at the Moon, close your eyes and just let go. Feel your body merging in a dark atmosphere, images coming up in your mind and carrying you away, into your deepest thoughts and inner sensations.


Genseiichi, Greta Macri - Ordinary
Aseret, Or Sarfati - Sonic Fields
Doron Sadja - Blurred Lines


Genseiichi Greta Macri
... ambient, Three-dimensionally sharpened sound and Tone of the sounds which was affected by new age expresses visible stereophonic sound and a realistic sound image landscape. The speed matched to the rhythm of life calms you down and gives you a sense of a relief that resembles a ecstasy.
You are going to relive daily beautiful scenery I have overlooked so far, energy in the birth of mysterious life and The forefront of the ever expanding universe.

Aseret Or Sarfati
"Sonic Fields"
... ambient melancholic and dark atmospheres immersed in tone-clusters, merged in archetype generative images that wants to carry you into sonic fields where the perception of space and yourself creates an introspective awareness.
Archetype moving images shape the sounds and create new horizons where maditate.

Doron Sadja
"Blurred Lines"
... ambient audio-visual composition exploring sound and light diffusion. Breaking down reverb algorithms into its constituent parts, the work processes simple melodic and harmonic lines and spatializes it through a 4 channel sound system. Performed with synchronized light and projections that are diffused through photographic lenses, the work places the audience in a beautiful lush ethereal landscape of sound, light, and texture.

Supported by Sardische Kulturzentrum, Berlin.
Online stream by Boiling head.

Thanks to Luca Ciabatti for our original graphics.

Admission: 8-10€

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