FR 12.4.19

Stay Small, Be True & Marmo Music present: Tolouse Low Trax [LIVE], Keller Crackers [LIVE]

Club 22h Club Night & Concert

Stay Small, Be True and Marmo Music join forces for a night of mesmerizing esoteric sounds. Tolouse Low Trax will darken the night with cold waving analogue synth-shocks. Keller Crackers will bring their self-built instruments, synthesizers and poetry notes for a ritualistic dance. Marmo Music DJ Vincent Manfuoco psychs out in musicality, while Kasual Plastik label boss Frans Æmbient will drill uplifting darkish. ML follows their path with avant-electronics and other man-made dance emotions.


Tolouse Low Trax [Salon Des Amateurs]
Keller Crackers [Marmo Music]
Frans Æmbient [Kashual Plastk]
Vincent Manfuoco [Marmo Music/Cashmere Radio]
ML [Müstique / NTS]

Admission: 8€

Fb event

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