Sa 30.3.19

Distract Robots Release Party

ACUD CLUB 21h → Club Night & Concert

"Distract Robots is an otherworldly treat; it takes the listener down a constantly morphing auditory wormhole full of light, darkness, and cosmic bliss" [Xlr8r].

InFiné welcomes its newcomer Frieder Nagel alongside a truly international cast: Cubenx [Mexico] known for his luxuriant sounddesign and translucent kick drums, Bernstein [Switzerland] a curious explorer of the endless landscapes of melancholic minimal and deep-house & one of the rare european shows of Labelle [Reunion-island].


Cubenx [InFiné]
Bernstein [Amselcom]
Labelle [InFiné]
Frieder Nagel [InFiné]


Frieder Nagel
invites his listeners to get lost in an universe that spans from euphoric to devastating excitement and has just released his debut via french imprint InFiné.

has enveloped dancefloors in luxuriant sound design and translucent kick drums - his songs are inspired as much by English post-punk and shoegaze as shamanic cults.

Deeply ingrained in nature and its myth and spirituality, Bernstein found his personal muse to carefully create melodies that are in perfect synthesis between the warmth of organic sounds and the straightness of synthetic essentials.

It’s a belvedere overlooking the rich and extravagant cultural crossroads of Saint-Denis de la Reunion, a laboratory of Creolism and musical blending, where he composes his music on hi-tech machines, sketching out celestial electronic symphonies whilst cultivating a deep connection with the soil.

Admission: 8€


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