As of now the curator Elodie Evers assumes the artistic direction of the exhibition program at ACUD, inaugurating the ACUD gallery on the 27th of May.

For more than six years Elodie worked at the Düsseldorfer Kunsthalle. There she curated a number of solo and group shows that attracted international attention. Shortly after the revelations of Edward Snowden she exhibited the works of young artists and activists who deal with digital capitalism and its consequences for society as part of Smart New World. She also raised socio-political questions with the exhibition Leben mit Pop. Eine Reproduktion des Kapitalistischen Realismus, questioning Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke and Konrad Lueg´s significance in the present age. Beyond that she organized first time institutional solo exhibitions especially for young artists in Germany and Europe respectively.

In 2015 Elodie founded the nomadic format facetime. With it, she realizes new performative pieces in selected places in public space. To our excitement this finally lead her back to Berlin as well – and thereby to ACUD. She told us: „Considering the selling out of Berlin-Mitte and the hair-raising transformation of a formerly lively district into a graveyard of flatwhite zombies, the space is somewhat like an alternative telling of urban development. Here different times, generations and genres overlap. This creates a vital, unique and inspiring environment not only for artistic production but also for different audiences and that is what ultimately attracts me.”

Some of her plans are already certain too: they start with the cologne based duo Henning Fehr and Philipp Rühr whose films match perfectly with ACUD. The artists deal with the political agency of subcultures and have recently completed their trilogy on techno culture. Accompanying the exhibition, the film ”Single” by the artist and dramaturg Alex Wissel will be shown in Berlin for the first time ever. Single refers to the club of the same name Wissel ran in Düsseldorf for one year which was an experimental platform for diverse art and music projects. Elodie intends to more closely interconnect the individual protagonists of the venue and simultaneously open it up further. This includes a focus on artistic projects which have been explicitly developed with and for the space and an exhibition program that naturally includes non-western artists. We look forward to it!